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The House

Beleura was originally designed by architect Joseph Reed in 1863 to meet the needs of Scottish merchant James Butchart and his family. It has remained a private residence for 120 years and reflects the changing domestic life and tastes of families and owners over that period.

The House subsequently became at various times in its history a family home, a school, a Governor’s residence and a farm but for much of the last sixty years was the residence of composer John Tallis.

Composer John Tallis spent his life preserving Beleura and left his estate to the people of Victoria for their education and enjoyment. The House remains as it was at the time of John Tallis and contains the artefacts, furnishings and housewares from his family’s interest in collecting European Art to many ordinary items used in daily personal life.

A feature of the interiors are the frescoed ceilings created in the 1950s by artist Wesley Penberthy inspired by the frescoes that adorn Italian renaissance palazzi.

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