Beleura House aerial view over front garden

The Gardens

Beleura’s landscape unfolds from one garden into another to create a lively sense of theatre and a key to its past.

A long driveway entering Beleura through its outer grounds, the many huge specimen trees and a rear stone courtyard are all original features of this nineteenth century seaside garden.

Later overlays added a grove of Lemon Scented Gums, large hedges, reflective pools, and espaliered apple trees surrounding a charming kitchen garden.


At five-and-a-half hectares – and really several gardens within a garden – the romantic ambience existing today is the Italianate style realised by benefactor John Tallis. His 1953 research trip in northern Italy yielded much antique statuary, including a fine replica of Verrocchio’s Cherub with Dolphin gracing the formal pool.

An unusual floral theatre and a rustic Hansel & Gretel garden for children add more idiosyncrasy and delight.

With the unfolding of one garden into another comes a lively sense of theatre. This aligns with Sir George Tallis’ stewardship of the JC Williamson entertainment empire, affording the means to create a peaceful place beyond the urban, of solace and serenity.

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