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2024 Music Curators

Tony Gould

Tony Gould is a distinguished pianist, composer, critic, author, educator and recording artist across several musical genres of art music.

He has performed around the world with world famous artists including Sarah Vaughan, Dave Brubeck, Ronnie Scott, Slava Grigoryan, Mike Nock, Paul Grabowsky and James Morrison.

Timothy Young

Timothy Young is a pianist who has a distinguished career as a concert soloist, composer and educator. Timothy is a founding member of Ensemble Liaison and Head of Piano and Resident Artist at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM). He has curated this year’s Classical Music program at Beleura.

In approaching my selection of artists for the 2024 Beleura Season I wanted to consider the beautiful intimacy and relaxed atmosphere of the Tallis Pavilion and exploit as much as I could the unique and inspiring Stewart and Sons pianos.

A balance of established chamber groups with a wealth of experience and exciting new up-and-coming ensembles has shaped my decision making.

I also wanted to be able to explore a wide range of repertoire and styles so that there is something for everyone. The chamber ensembles I have chosen all bring a unique approach and flavour to their performances and as a programming brief I planted the seed that we are balancing hope for the future with despair over the present.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting series. - Timothy Young

Richard Vaudrey

An ANAM alumnus and teacher, Richard is a trained classical cellist with a chamber music background and a passion for new music and has spent six years in New York on a variety of projects.

In an intimate space, silence is as powerful as the crescendo that follows. For 2024 I’ve selected four incredible acts that really know how to utilise a small space, tearing the hearts of their audience with strong dynamic song writing.

From two up and coming powerhouses of female songwriting in Monique Clare and Kathleen Halloran to the power of the male/female dialogue in The Pleasures, these artists all draw from the heart, explaining our very own feelings.  Whilst the four acts bridge genres, from country, to folk, to neo-classical landscapes, they all share one thing, the power to offer you a transformative experience. - Richard Vaudrey

Japanese Pavilion


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