Big Fiddle Little Fiddle featuring Claire Patti

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1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Claire Patti: Harp, Voice
Louise Godwin: Cello
Jessica Foot: Fiddle, Hardingfele

Claire Patti
Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and singer, Claire's artistry carries across multiple musical disciplines and styles, with her sublime voice finding affinity with traditional Celtic music and jazz. Her passion for singing and playing is closely followed by conducting choirs and ensembles, with a particular penchant for anything a cappella.

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Big Fiddle Little Fiddle
Led by cellist Louise Godwin and fiddler Jessica Foot, Big Fiddle Little Fiddle is both a performance duo and a project vehicle for creative experimentation and collaboration. With diverse backgrounds in folk, traditional, improvisatory, Baroque, classical and new music, the duo is known for its joyful performances, eclectic fiddling styles, classical sensibilities, driving rhythms, and inventive arrangements of original compositions.

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Concert and Afternoon Tea included.
Concession $58 | Full Price $63

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