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Behind the Scenes

There are many activities taking place at Beleura all year around that are not visible to our visitors who enjoy a tour of the property or visit for our concert program.

Find out more through our Behind the Scenes video series or review our Stay Tuned newsletter archives..



Since 1996 volunteers have been playing a significant role in Beleura’s transformation from a residence to a house museum and gardens over 24 years.

Our volunteers contribute to all aspects of Beleura’s activities and functions. Visitors are driven by bus to Beleura, welcomed and shown around the property all by volunteers. They also enjoy the contribution of our volunteer hospitality team.

There are volunteers involved in archives and collections from cataloguing to research. The gardens upkeep is a result of the garden volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at Beleura, please contact admin@beleura.org.au to find out about any vacancies in volunteer areas.

Stay Tuned Newsletter

Beleura volunteers receive regular updates through our Stay Tuned newsletter. This includes reports from all the staff and volunteer groups on the various activities of different volunteer groups. Please review our archive of back issues below.

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