Klytie Pate Treasury

AD 2015

As a result of the initial connection between John Tallis and Klytie Pate and with support from Will Twycross, Beleura has created a separate collection of Klytie Pate works. The Klytie Pate Treasury is a survey collection that illustrates the way Klytie Pate’s ouevre in ceramics developed over five decades.

This collection of Klytie Pate ceramic art is housed in a small museum, a Treasury, endowed by the extraordinary gift of Dr Will Twycross, the godson of Klytie Pate. It allows the display, appreciation, evaluation and sharing with our visitors the life-long output of this pre-eminent Australian Studio Potter – a deservedly celebrated artist.

The Klytie Pate Treasury is available for viewing during a scheduled House & Garden Tour or Recital.

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