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The Beleura – Concert Grand 108 Key

From Australia’s last remaining piano-maker we have the world’s first 108-key concert grand piano

The gift of Beleura is John Tallis’ legacy from 1996. It now embodies the Tallis Pavilion, a performance venue built in his memory.

For the Pavilion, Beleura commissioned a very fine instrument of Stuart & Sons, Australia’s only remaining piano maker. Wayne Stuart’s Huon Pine Concert Grand with 102 keys (Number 47) soon allowed young ANAM musicians to bring out the best in this revolutionary instrument. And, in keeping with John Tallis’ passion for piano duets, a second was ordered!

It arrived experimentally and on loan. After its ensuing success, Stuart & Sons were again commissioned to build a companion 102-key Huon Pine piano.

Incredibly, Wayne Stuart went six keys better with The Beleura. His vision and enterprise produced a world-first, 108 key, nine-octave piano. This Stuart & Sons masterpiece, Number 65, took 18 months to build, is made of ancient Tasmanian Huon Pine, weighs 644 kilograms and measures three metres long.

What makes The Beleura a totally new concept? Technologically, it sets a new key range for the 21st century. After 300 years of piano development, the achievement of nine octaves invites compositions that boost the earlier frequency and tonal range of older models. Wayne Stuart not only re-engineered the internal structure of his pianos, his steel strings and sounding boards were newly conceived and manufactured, while four pedals can produce an almost orchestral sound.

When played by four pianists, our fortunate audiences experience something exceptional. The Beleura Grands are imposing, beautiful instruments, much admired by excellent performers in the world of music.

5B Wayne
5B Ashley Piano

1791 William Forster Violoncello

Beleura owns a rare stringed instrument, the antique 1791 Violoncello (cello) made by William Forster.

When it comes to English cellos the most highly regarded makers are William Forster II and his son, William Forster III. Beleura is proud to own the partner cello in a pair; the second is owned by HRH Prince of Wales.

Australian cellist Richard Vaudrey is a notable force in the new breed of string players, classically trained and proficient across a multitude of genres. Richard plays Beleura’s 1791 Violoncello.

4B Cello
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