Timothy Young & Paavali Jumppanen

The Meeting of Faust, Liszt and Debussy

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5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

A rare opportunity to hear virtuoso pianists Paavali Jumppanen and Timothy Young together in recital playing Franz Liszt’s epic Faust Symphony for two pianos. Inspired by Goethe’s drama, the symphony is a psychological exploration of the characters of Faust, Gretchen and Mephistopheles and reveals Liszt’s contribution as one of the most innovative composers of the nineteenth century.

Liszt’s fame during his lifetime was so wide-reaching that students flocked to Rome from all over the world to get some time with the great master. One such opportunity arose for none-other than French genius Claude Debussy.

Back in 1886, Debussy and his friend Vidal played this Faust Symphony 2 piano arrangement for Liszt himself and in return the evening after Liszt played his solo, Au bord d'une source (Beside a Spring), from his collection of works called ‘Years of Pilgrimage’.

The impact of Liszt’s playing on Debussy and in particular his pedalling was profound and undoubtedly the works of Liszt were inspiration for the young Debussy and his own compositional style.

Years later works like, 'L'isle joyeuse' (The Joyful Island), inspired by Antoine Watteau's 1717 painting, The Embarkation for Cythera, would combine and advance both Liszt’s ground-breaking harmonic approach and his transcendental virtuosity.


Franz Liszt             Faust Symphony for Two Pianos

Franz Liszt             Au Bord D'Une Source

Claude Debussy   L'Isle Joyeuse

Includes preshow drinks and canapés

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Full Price $55

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